If you want to establish a data-driven, collaborative performance culture within your marketing, you’re in the right hands with Lutz. His extensive experience, knowledge, strategic mindset and responsiveness to individual client needs are among the critical success factors for our strategic marketing project.

Ksenia Siipola
Marketing Operations and Insights Manager, LucaNet AG

Data-Driven Marketing: Transform your team for more success in the digital age.

Digitization has changed the requirements for marketing in the past years. Modern marketers need to have a better understanding of data-driven marketing and analytics. Data does not replace creativity, it helps to take better decisions. Successful companies need both. 81% of the fastest growing companies outperform their competitors in data and analytics, according to a study from McKinsey. They excel in systematically collecting, analyzing and operationalizing findings.

In times where the majority of they buyer journey is happening anonymously in the Internet, or even 100% in the case of e-commerce, you need data to get closer to your customers, to understand what works and what doesn’t and adapt accordingly. Data allows you to predict developments and optimize your strategy based on objective information. As a result, your company gets closer to customers. To establish a data-driven culture companies need to look at people, technology and organization. Successful transformations require a holistic view at all three. Marketing ROI Experts supports clients in their efforts through an integrated consulting offer with the following objectives:

  • Design your data strategy and develop new ideas to use data in your company
  • Create a data-driven culture, a common understanding and mindset to use data and analytics as integral part of marketing
  • Define an individual action plan for people, technology and organization
  • Evaluation and optimization of your current strategy