Win new customers online and offline

Lead Management describes a marketing and sales approach to systematically and scalably acquire new customers. It ensures higher sales through qualified leads and coordinated processes.

Marketing delivers a measurable contribution that is expressed in a better ROI. Lead Management does not work at the push of a button. Goals, strategies and planning should be coordinated as well as internal processes and tasks. The qualification of employees plays a role and the right technology. Only if all areas are viewed holistically can lasting success be achieved.

Our services:

  • Clarification benefits and requirements for successful lead management
  • Sharing of proven methods and approaches for optimization
  • Definition of a customized action plans for employees, technology and processes
  • Support during implementation to measurably improve the results


  • Situation Analysis
  • Customized 6-month and 6-step implementation plan including target definition, KPIs, lead scoring, 3V method for funnel optimization, company-specific Marketing ROI calculator etc.
  • Support during implementation