The introduction of marketing automation is a logical step on the way to a digitalised company. This technology, offered by several manufacturers, complements the CRM system to manage the upper half of the funnel, generate better leads and optimize marketing ROI.

As the name suggests, processes such as personalized content playout, the sending of e-mails in the context of campaigns, webinars or events are automated in order to develop customers in their buying process and to effectively nurture leads. The integrated management of different channels facilitates the overall optimization and reporting of the results.

However, the many possibilities can only be used if everyone in the team works together. If each employee understands what the overriding goals are and how exactly the technology in his or her area contributes to achieving them. When all relevant personas and their customer journeys are defined and there is a better understanding of how to improve conversion rates.

Marketing ROI Experts supports customers with a modular implementation plan, in which the employees and the organization are prepared for the introduction of the chosen technology. In six steps, all necessary preparations are made to make the best possible use of the new technology.

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